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High Definition 3D + AR

Mobile devices are increasingly a part of our life. We are supporting your businesses by our developing knowledge of iOS and Android.

High Definition 3D + ARイメージ


We provide an AR engine with our marker-less tracking technology which is made of several original algorisms of our own.
It can recognize both image of 2D and 3D less than a second.



High quality 3D graphics can be displayed without difficulty on a mobile tablet device. It can be used for various kinds of 3D formats.

  • .dae(Collada)
  • .obj(WaveFrontObject)
  • .mqo(Metasequoia)
  • .bac .tra(MascotCapsule V3)


Our 3D/AR engine adapts it to all devices.

  • Android
  • iOS
  • WindowsMobile


For customers having CAD data:

Our 3DAR graphics engine makes it possible to draw in high quality images even on mobile devices such as a tablet PC.

It is possible to display promotion images of your products on a whole wall of building as screen.


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