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Here at Global Vision Technology, we believe that Japanese technology is excellent. However, the world is leaving Japan behind. This is in part due to the Japan’s inability to communicate with the outside world, or more rather, perhaps Japan has stopped trying to communicate.

Can Japan continue like this?

With technologies such as cloud computing and open innovation, the speed of globalization is accelerating and the use of overseas technologies and equipment is only natural. In the future it will be impossible for Japanese companies to do business alone. It is necessary for Japanese companies to form partnerships with foreign companies.

Now, communication skills are in high demand.

No longer is the world looking for technical specialists of the past. Today, people such as yourself who are aiming to become global business persons are in demand.

Let’s work together and compete at the global level!

Masaki Taguchi (President)

If this appeals to you, after checking our employement qualifications,
please contact us at careers@gvtech.co.jp.

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