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Company History

1990/11Global Vision Technology, Inc. (GVT-US) established in Silicon Valley.
1991-1997Brought (and in some cases localized) many Windows applications to Japan.
1997/04Became a vendor of MicroCADAM and sold CAD licenses to Japanese corporations in The United States.
1998-2001Involved in various investment projects during the dot-com bubble.
1999/12Established Global Vision Ventures, Inc. (GVV-US) in California.
2001/04GVT-US became a vendor for CATIA licenses via IBM contract.
2002/06GVV-US and GVT-US merge.
2002/10Established GVT-US Michigan office and began providing services to the auto industry on a large scale.
2003/10Established Global Vision Ventures, Co., Ltd. (GVV-J) in Tokyo (Minato City).
2006/03Established GVT-US Ohio office.
2006/10Established Gloval Vision Technology, Co., Ltd. (GVT-Japan) in Tokyo (Chioda Word).
2006/12GVT-US formed direct contract with Dassault Systemes as a vendor of CATIA.
2007/09GVV-Japan and GVT-Japan merge as Global Vision Technology, Co., Ltd.
2007/10Naoyuki Honda (Leverage Consulting, Co., Ltd.) becomes advisor.
2008/08CEO Hal Amano published “Globalizing Your Business Skills” (Diamond Publishing).
2008/11GVT-Japan established Nagoya office.
2009/12CEO Hal Amano published “Simple Communications” (Diamond Publishing).
2010/11GVT-Japan established Shanghai office.
2012/01A new book by our CEO Hal Amano “How To Become A Global-Minded Business Professional” published from Toyo Keizai.
2013/07CEO Hal Amano started providing a correspondence course "Meeting Comunication" on JMA Management Center Inc.
2014/05A new book by our CEO Hal Amano “Working Silicon Valley Style” published from Nikkei Publishing, Inc.
2015/03Supported "Greater Tokyo Initiative" to establish its Silicon Valley office.
2015/04Moved Tokyo office to Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-ward.
2016/12Moved Michigan office for expanding our "IT Offshoring Service".