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Global Vision Technology

Working towards the advancement of international business between Japan and the world.

Global Vision Technology develops "Global Persons" - talent capable of working worldwide - helping Japan compete at the global level.


When CEO Hal Amano named the company “Global Vision Technology,” he thought that as globalization progresses there will be many walls of words and culture to be overcome, making the right talent will be indispensable.

With this belief close to heart, through the development of world-class talent, Global Vision Technology aspires to fill an essential role in international business.

Today, twenty years later…

With stagnation in the domestic market, the internationalization of Japanese corporations is the most important topic in Japanese business.

It can be said that unfortunately, at this point in time, few Japanese corporations are playing at the global level. Between Japan and the rest of the world, there still lies an enormous gap in the rules of business.

Supporting both foreign business in Japan and Japanese corporations abroad, Global Vision Technology provides the essential knowledge needed to navigate the business and communication rules that compose Japan business.