Bridging over the language and cultural gaps

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Bridging over the language and cultural gaps

We become bridges over language and cultural gaps in your business in terms of bilingual engineers, global business skill training, and overseas business consulting. Business environment is being more globalized every day but the language and cultural differences still stand as a big wall. Being the language and cultural bridge, we apply our 20-year experience in overseas business to helping you succeed your global business objectives.


With our main and branch offices in Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya), USA (San Francisco, Detroit, Ohio), and China (Shanghai), we cover wide range of industries and fields including aerospace, automotive, construction, communication/mobile, finance/securities, and trading.

Globalization of People Skills & Knowledge

Globalization of market, manufacturing plants, and information systems are important but the first thing you need for cross-boarder issues is globalization of human resources. No one has any overseas experience to start with. A practical solution is to train your people overseas. Our programs are not limited to just in-classroom training. We also offer real business and cross-cultural training such as corporate internship, networking events, and homestay programs.

  • Corporate Globalization Program

Globalization of IT Systems

IT systems are all connected worldwide and highly complex. One system must support multiple languages and business cultures. Development of such system takes close cooperation and adjustment among multiple engineers and users from all over the world. The big advantage of our company is that we provide bilingual engineers who can support such overseas projects in various industries bridging the gaps over language and cultural differences. They also provide support for globalizing apps and help you enter new markets.

  • Cross-Boarder Engineering Services
  • System Integration Services

Globalization of Business Operation

As business environment turned to global, we have helped our clients set up overseas offices, enter new markets, build up overseas partnership, raise capitals, invest, and accomplish M&As. From Japan to overseas, or from overseas to Japan, our highly experienced specialists with wide backgrounds can help you achieve your goal in minimum time and cost. Applying advanced overseas technologies that we are familiar with, we also consult on business improvement using latest web applications.

  • International Business Development Support