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Cross-Boarder Engineering Services

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We bridge over all kinds of troubles that can arise from the language and culture differences.

Global Vision Technology provides the perfect mix of language and technical skills to support cross-border engineering needs. Our engineers and professionals are trained to bridge the gap both culturally and linguistically in variety of industries and fields. Global Vision Technology also offers technical translation, interpretation, localization and bilingual help desk services.

Cross-Boarder Engineering Services


Technical Translation Example:

Provided technical translation services of manuals/standard guidelines for a major aircraft project.

Development of an aircraft involves close cooperation among multiple vendors from multiple countries. We provided translation of a technical (specification) manual used for manufacturing of an aircraft.

Interface Design Example:

Designed and implemented the interface for an Android/Symbian OS based mobile phone as a team of 11 bilingual engineers. Preformed localization in locations such as Manchester, England and Beijing, and China.

We are participating in world-class mobile phone development where knowledge of cellphone spec and phone operator requirement worldwide is critical. Following the objectives from oversea headquarters, our engineers put together various documents in English (requirement spec, base design spec, layout design, etc.) and fulfill approval processes with project managers at the headquarters and other worldwide locations. Development and localization must stand the world-class expectation and also support some special UI details due to language specific issues.

System operation for overseas and domestic offices:

Provided bridging between the IT network team in Japan and people in charge of IT at worldwide store locations covering various IT support including Win2003 Server, Win2008 Server, Exchange Server, Sharepoint Server, and other storage and network devices. Participated in TV conferences as a moderator in English and various other bridging activities such as schedule adjustment, negotiation, explanation, recovery from technical problems, etc. with multiple overseas locations such as USA, Russia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.


Engaged in worldwide deployment of WiMAX. Conducted WiMAX presentations, environment construction, infractructure maintenance and system construction in the following countries: Taiwan (2 months/Network Leader), Brazil (5 months/Leader), Mexico (2 months/leader) and Thailand (4 months/leader)

Participated in a worldwide launch for world-standard WiMAX products involving in presentation, demonstration, infrastructure development, infrastructure preparation, and system development. The tasks included trial campaigns (partially in Japan as well), negotiation with end customers, and schedule management for local staff. Network engineering tasks provided were network designs, technical requirement analysis, maintenance and other operational actions.

Offshore development support:

With many of our employees trained for global skillset, our offshore development support can be by a team effort. We have assigned a group of our bridge SEs to development of global systems that overseas branches of a large manufacturer heavily rely on. Our Japan headquarters provides visa and local living support to our engineers and our US office provides business operation support to the offshore site with various backgrounds of our team members.